Heartbreak Recovery and Prevention Package

Heal the heartbreak in four sessions for $450

In one month, you can heal your broken heart and learn how to give and get the love you need.

You get:

  • Four sessions of private coaching, in person in Berkeley, Calif., on the phone or via Skype
  • A Love Style evaluation
  • A copy of The Chemistry of Connection, the book that explains the chemistry of lust, attraction and love
  • Experiential exercises to do at home
  • Personal, loving support at every step of the way

In these four sessions, you will get over your broken heart and take steps to make sure it stays whole.

Session One: Move through the pain. You can’t just shut off the bad feelings, nor should you want to. Joy and sorrow, having and loss, come from the same well of emotion, and they flow from the same tap. When you try to turn off sorrow and loneliness, you are also limiting your ability to feel joy and pleasure. Heartbreak is like a bad cold in that you do have to wait it out — but you can take measures to let it move through your body more quickly. You’ll learn how to harness your brain chemistry to redirect the bad feelings.

Session two: Find your Love Style. Your Love Style develops during your first few years of life — and it influences all your adult relationships, but especially love relationships. If you consistently fall for people who reject you or hurt you, it’s probably due to your Love Style. You’ll learn how to accentuate the positive aspects of your Love Style and how to use it for clues that you’re headed for heartbreak again — in time to break the cycle.

Session three: Draw on your invisible network. When you’ve lost your love, nothing else seems to matter. Nevertheless, you have a web of connections waiting to help you heal. Learn to tap into the healing and love available to you right now.

Session four: Follow your desire. Create your vision of your ideal love, make a plan to achieve it and take the first steps to finding the kind of love you want.

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