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Whenever I speak about oxytocin, people get excited. They want some! How can they get it? If you want to buy oxytocin, please read this.

Oxytocin is released into our brains and bloodstreams when we feel safe and trusting of someone else. You might know that person intimately or he may be a stranger with a smile. It also can be released during physical contact — if you want that contact and it feels safe. Some group interactions can also help you release oxytocin, for example, singing in a choir (scientifically shown), dancing or a church service (likely but not studied).

Interest in oxytocin is on fire. You can buy oxytocin products over the internet, and it seems like every day there’s a blog post or lifestyle story about oxytocin and marriage, oxytocin and sex, how you can get oxytocin by hugging, kissing, getting a massage, etc. etc. Yes, there is hype.

This hype is because we all are truly hungry for more connection. Our society is becoming low-touch, low-intimacy, low-trust. And we intuitively know that’s not good; we can feel how painful and stressful it is.

If only we could get connection in a bottle. Can we? Maybe, sort of.

I always tell people they can learn to strengthen the oxytocin response naturally; that’s the message of The Chemistry of Connection, and the book gives lots of tips and exercises for doing it.

Several researchers are testing inhaled oxytocin in combination with psychotherapy. In this case, oxytocin is like training wheels on a two-wheel bike. It can help you experience some intimacy and trust, so it’s easier next time.

Bryan Post is a psychotherapist who has done wonderful work with children with attachment disorders. A few months ago, he created a product, Oxytocin Factor, that can be inhaled and has a significant amount of oxytocin in it. This is the only oxytocin product designed to be inhaled — and oxytocin sprayed on your clothes or skin will do nothing.

I don’t recommend that people take oxytocin without a doctor’s supervision. If you decide to buy Oxytocin Factor, here’s my affiliate link: https://abcnutri1.infusionsoft.com/go/home/kuchinsk/. If you use this link, Oxytocin Factor will pay me for the referral. You can also go directly to the website.

You can also listen to an interview I did with Bryan to find out more about the product at HugtheMonkey.com.

Now, go give someone a hug!

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